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Please check these quotes from happy customers

1 – A tenant called at 6 am saying water was flooding the basement from the bottom of the water heater:

From our initial property inspection, we knew this water heater was in a basement closet without a floor drain. Luckily, when we get a new property to manage, we place bright orange tags on all main utility shut-offs so they can be easily found by the non-technical person. Our 24/7 service department directed the tenant to the closet and the valve with the tag and they shut off the water to the water heater.

Damage was limited to soaking only about 10 square feet of basement carpet and our quick 2 hour response stopped the water from wicking up the sheetrock causing more damage. The mess was properly cleaned up to prevent mold from grown.

2 – A tenant called to say water is dripping from the dishwasher

Brian was in the neighborhood and stopped by to have a look. He spotted a burned hole in the bottom caused by a spoon that was touching the heating element and plastic liner. We used Gorilla glue to coat the hole and it fixed the problem for three more years.

    3 – A tenant called to say there was an electric problem in the bedroom because they replaced the bulb and the light still doesn’t work.

Brian took the call and asked if they were sure they used a good new bulb. He asked the tenant to grab a bulb that they know works and try it. They did and found there was not problem at all other than they were trying to use a bad bulb to replace a bad bulb.

    4 – Tenant called to say the garbage disposal doesn’t work

The service department explained there is usually an allen wrench beneath kitchen sinks to use when there is something jammed in the disposal. They explained that if we dispatch a service technician and this was the problem, they would have to pay. Tenant was adamant there was a bigger issue so we dispatched a technician who found the blades locked up. He used the tool to free to rotor and a bottle cap came out. The tenant was embarrassed but paid the $75 service charge.

    5 – Tenant called to say the heat was out and it was an emergency as it was a Sunday in January and 10 degrees outside

We immediately dispatched our furnace service company who gives us preferred status. He arrived to find that a child in the house had turned off the switch sat the furnace and nothing was wrong. The tenant admitted the 4 year old was playing in the furnace room. Most service companies charge $250 or more on weekends, but our company charged only $100 and the tenant paid that bill.


    6 – How Inspections can be bad, even when there are no physical issues with the house: Our seller accepted a purchase agreement and the buyer entered the inspection phase: At the end Buyer’s Agent used broad reaching language an addendum trying to negotiate for a lower price

Buyer spent $250 on a camera inspection of the drain to the street and found roots at one section (fairly common) so could not get the camera all the way to the street. Buyers agent included the following statement on the Addendum “Seller shall have the drain cleaned to the street and if there are any issues, Seller agrees to replace the drain pipe” This language is common from inexperienced agents and is language that costs sellers lots of money and often times, causes cancellation of Purchase Agreements! It leaves the solution open to interpretation, with no clear path for resolution. Either the seller is made to replace the line to the street at a cost of $10,000 to $15,000, or the deal falls apart due to inspection issues.

Not one of Brian’s clients: Brian called his preferred drain cleaning company of 10 years and they came within three hours to clear the drain with a cutter and run their camera. The drain technician said the pipe condition “is consistent with the other drains in the neighborhood that are of similar age.”

Brian called the buyer’s agent and indicated the drain pipe was ready for re-inspection by buyer. Buyer’s agent said they couldn’t get before the inspection period expired as they were busy and the buyer could not get off work. Brian offered to personally meet their camera person and also asked “who was going to validate the camera re-inspect”. The agent was flustered and said they didn’t know and would try and get a hold of the buyer.

Brian met the technician the next day to witness the camera. The technician said exactly what our team drain company had said…….”it wasn’t perfect, but was in similar condition as others in the neighborhood of similar age”.

Brian immediately called the buyer’s agent and put their drain technician on the phone, who explained the drain was in acceptable condition.

Brian successfully headed off this Contract Killing issue by being a resourceful problem-solver.

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