Buyers Beware?

Many buyers do not have a thorough inspection done before buying a home.  Hiring an inspector does not guarantee they will identify all the issues a house may have.  Brian uses a team of  up to 6 specialist inspectors, each with an area of expertise.  They are hired, if needed, depending on my assessment of the potential problems.

My experience in engineering, property management, renovations, repairs, and property ownership enable me to truly understand what goes wrong with houses and how to address all issues.

After my inspections, you will know if issues exist with sewer drain piping, plumbing, electrical, chimney, furnace/boiler/air-conditioning, insulation, water intrusion, mold, roof, lead paint, asbestos, AND the trees on your property.

Be sure you don’t buy a house with:

  1. Sunken or broken drain pipes.
  2. Trees with Dutch Elm disease or Emerald Ash Borer Disease, or Oak Wilt.
  3. Water supply lines made of lead or steel.
  4. Furnace/Boiler with bad heat exchanger.
  5. Water issues caused by ground water.
  6. Peeling lead paint or asbestos.

We are your housing partner for life and will be with you as long as you own property here in Southwest Minneapolis.  After you buy a house through us, you are welcome to use our Home Services Department for all your repair and maintenance needs.  Our negotiated low rates are passed to you the same as they are for the owners of properties we manage.

Call Brian at 612-213-2670