The scammers are active in the rental market and are even so bold as to talk to you on the phone. Key indicators you are talking to a scammer include:

  1. The price is usually too good to be true.
  2. They say they are out of town or out of the country and are just looking for someone to care for their property.
  3. They have the owner’s name (from tax records) and have created a yahoo, hotmail, or gmail address.
  4. They try to get you to send deposit and application without meeting you.

If you suspect fraud, drive by the house and knock on the door. Ask who manages the property.  We have even had a scammer so bold, he gave a tour to a tenant prospect!!!  The prospect lost $2,500 as he paid the deposit.  The tenant prospect suspected it was one of the workers for the builder who had recently renovated the house.