Whats the difference between 24/7 Property Management and Tenant Placement?

(1) The Structure of the Lease, (2) Repairs, Maintenance, and Proactive Property Care.

(1) Lease Structure: We are here to generate sustainable income from your property. We do not view your property as a temporary place to park a client while finding them a home to buy. Our system works for both owners and tenants so that both can meet their goals.

(2) Repairs, Maintenance, and Proactive Property Care: Most Cities require a license to operate a rental property. There are International and local codes and ordinances that a property must meet in order to have and maintain a license. We are “hands-on” through this process and creative in our solutions to code violations, all of which minimizes your expenses. Minneapolis requires a license before you advertise a rental. Failure to do so caries a $500 fine in addition to the $1,000 rental conversion fee, and the annual license of $69.

We are here 24/7 to take care of ongoing issues including garage doors, dishwashers, water heaters, furnaces, painting, landscaping – and even responding to emergency water leaks due to ice damns.

We pride ourselves on having quick cost effective solutions provided by making good management decisions and a having a diverse effective team. Owners and Tenant, call us for consultation on your needs at 612-213-2670.