Property Management

Using leading customized high-powered, cloud-based systems, we keep you well-informed, and in the decision-making.  This is important if you are trying to maintain and active versus a passive role in your investment.

For those of you that understand the effect of depreciation, the 2 of 5 rule when renting a home you lived in, active versus passive roles, and if you can take a tax loss to offset other income…………WE ARE THE COMPANY FOR YOU!

FOCUSING ON RESULTS……….NOT TRANSACTIONS………SIMPLE FEE = 10%.  Repairs, services, and renovations have additional handling and management fees, correlating to the complexity and hands-on time involved to effectively manage the quality and cost of the task.

FOR INSTANCE:  We manage simple drain clogs and garage door remote issues, and complete interior/exterior repainting, roofing, floor sanding, replacing boilers and air-conditioning systems, plumbing upgrades, new countertops, etc.

A highly skilled team led by Brian Weedman, P.E. MBA, broker will care for your property as needed, and include you in the proactive services receiving bulk discounts, including filter changes, gutter cleaning, lawn care, fertilizer, drain cleaning and inspections.

If you are want more than just a tenant living in your property, call Brian and experience being well-informed and having peace of mind that someone really does have your back with all your real estate needs!

Notes from a few customers: 

1- “Brian outperformed brokers 20x his size. His property management experience and local real estate knowledge makes him best suited to sell your home quickly……”

2 – “Brian was terrific! He was always able to quickly find tenants for our property, allowing us to get rental income and maximize our revenue while keeping our costs down. When we decided to sell, Brian was able to negotiate a sale without publicly marketing our house, saving us time and money. In addition to all of that, Brian is great to work with – friendly, responsive, and thoughtful. He cares about his clients, and that comes through in every interaction we had.”

Big Picture Philosophy:

Using self-developed Lifecycle Performance Strategies, we produce unmatched “Full-Service” results from your rental property (Asset).

Our customized full-service solution includes your involvement!……….as much or little as you want. We are YOUR consultant from start to finish and make every decision related to your house, with your best interest in mind.  Brian will text you, email you, invite you to dropbox folders, and interactive planning programs, so we can continually work together without taking up phone time, or visiting in person.   You can have an active roll……According to the IRS, and use tax losses to offset other income **

Our services are proactive and cost-effective keeping your property in saleable condition, so you won’t have to take a vacancy to fix it up when you want to sell! 

We look at PROPERTY MANAGEMENT in 3 distinct components:

1 – Risk Management – Manages your liability of financial loss due to lawsuits (now and future) by addressing the “grey” areas of landlord tenant law.

2 – Asset Management – Manages the physical property – We implement a proactive plan to maintain and improve your property to keep it in saleable condition and to protect the value.

3 – Tenant Management – Manages the tenant relationship – We treat our tenants as partners and stewards of your property.  We create happy tenants because a happy tenant takes better care of  your property.

A SIMPLE PRICING MODEL –  no matter how many tenants we must find and negotiate leases with throughout our relationship, YOU PAY A FLAT FEE.  This approach allows us to focus on your goals, versus transactions.  Additional fees apply for service calls, repairs, remodels, improvements.  Ask for details.

When you consider a Property Manager, make sure you take a LIFECYCLE approach!   Ask around locally………. Brian’s experience of Buying, Re-Financing, Managing, and Selling real estate is unmatched and provides you a “one-stop” “integrated shop” and a lifetime real estate relationship. 612-213-2670

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We pride ourselves on constantly improving service and performance by maintaining and nurturing  a long-term relationship.  We are a small and progressive company that leverages relationships to provide great pricing and lifelong service you can trust. Our team includes:

Real Estate Agents


Tenant Check & Background Investigators

HVAC Contractors

Plumbing Contractors

Asbestos & Mold abatement Contractors


Gutter Services

Door Specialists

Appliance Repair

Drywall specialists


Roofing Companies

Lawn, Leaf & Snow Service


Asphalt & Concrete

Window Companies

Mortgage Brokers

Title Companies

Insurance Companies



Parts and Equipment Suppliers

Demolition & Trash Hauling

Professional real estate services tailored to your needs.

Call 612-213-2670 or email today for a free consulation.

Custom pricing for custom needs available.

** We are not providing tax advice or guidance.  The actual effect of your rental property on your tax situation should be guided and assessed by a qualified tax adviser and/or lawyer.