About Me:

Lifecycle Real Estate Services is owned and operated by Southwest Minneapolis Resident, Realtor, and Entrepreneur -Brian Weedman!  He has been delivering local real estate success since 1997, helping friends, neighbors, and new residents find and establish residency in rentals and their own homes. 

Brian leads a unique Full-Service Team delivering tailored real estate solutions! 

    • we sell your real estate


    • we produce buyers for your real estate


    • we manage real estate


    • we renovate, repair, and maintain real estate

“I offer you my intellectual agility, local neighborhood knowledge, leadership, and unique experiences and a guarantee to produce a great result”  Brian Weedman -2019.

FOR SELLERS:  My team can get your house ready to sell, and SOLD quicker than anyone.  Making major and minor improvements, staging, photography and marketing is our FULL-SERVICE package.

I have expertise addressing issues that may come up during a sale, or that have come up during an inspection that hold deals together!  My motto is “There are no surprises, but there will be solutions needed VERY quickly!”.  My approach will save you thousands of dollars and hold your deal together.

Quote from a Happy Seller:   “Brian helped to sell our property even before it went to the market. Within a week we had received two offers. Brian always provided excellent and honest advice from start and always having our best interest in mind. He negotiated hard on our behalf and we placed all our trust on him to close the deal, as we live abroad, and were very happy with the smooth outcome of all the closing process”  Demian A.  44xx Zenith Ave So, Minneapolis, MN  55410


FOR RENTAL PROPERTY OWNERS:  My team works hard to produce sustainable cashflow, ensure your home remains saleable, and protect your liability by being constantly engaged and proactive.  We’ll manage your property to produce better financial results than the stock market, 529 college plans, IRAs, and 401ks.

Our customized leases address many liability issued not addressed in generic leases, protecting you against claims and losses better than anyone.

We also address common tenant “nickel and diming” issues that slip through grey areas of most leases, saving you hundreds of dollars each year.

  • Beautiful yards and gardens will disappear
  • Smoke detectors disappear
  • Floors get scratched
  • Window screens and storms disappear
  • Gutters get plugged
  • Furnace filters don’t get changed

but, not with Lifecycle Real Estate Services as your management company

 WHEN IT IS TIME TO SELL YOUR RENTAL PROPERTY:  Most of our sellers live far away and don’t come back to look at, or work on their house, before we sell it for them.  WHY?   Because we take care of everything and start years before the actual sale to make sure the house is saleable and plan for a financially successful transition from rental to sale.  Having the wrong tenant in a property when you sell will cost you thousands of dollars.  We maintain constant contact with our owners through our cloud-based management software, and using such tools as Skype, Facetime, dropbox, email, text, and simple phone calls, so they are well informed.

Ask our many happy customers  how much money we’ve saved them on airline tickets ……WE REALLY DO TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING!

FOR BUYERS: You are in the best hands available! Brian and the team will show you the good the bad and the ugly about each house you look at before you buy it. You will know what to expect for repairs and improvements and have 10 year budget plan. ALSO, when you buy a home through us, you have lifetime access to our repair and service team to handle all your service requests at the good value price given to property management customers.



Call now and experience Full-Service, Educational, “Hands-On” guidance and support to l from your new lifelong real estate partner 612-213-2670.

  Brian’s Qualifications & Experience :



  • Licensed Professional Engineer P.E.
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • MBA – University of St. Thomas – Entrepreneurship.
  • Owner/Operator of 5 Small Businesses
  • 27 years property management
  • 28 years real estate investing
  • 30 years contracting and engineering
  • 900 Leases negotiated

Most people know about Brian from word—of—mouth.  He sees every transaction as important and depends on the personal advertising of his happy clients.

If you need experienced, trusted help to buy/rent/sell/manage a home or multi-family property, call LifeCycle Real Estate and Management at 612-213-2670. You’ll see the difference!